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June 2023
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My Second Microderm!
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So I’ve had my second microderm treatment with a facial. Now I’m really seeing the results. During this time of year, as the seasons are changing, my skin gets really problematic. With this second treatment, I am seeing that I have less breakouts and dryness. My skin has a natural glow. It looks rejuvenated and fresh. But most importantly, it looks healthier. It’s been a week since my microderm treatment and I’m still seeing the results.

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Glowing skin…thanks to Microderm Facial!
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This week what I love is the microderm abrasion facial! After a summer of wearing sun block on my face and having seasonal breakouts, the microderm facial was just the thing my face needed. I know most of you might be wondering what makes a microderm facial different than a regular facial. Microderm removes the top layer of skin leaving it feeling softer and smoother. It also gives your skin a cleaner look with a natural glow. This is something I definitely have to keep up! After just one treatment, I can see a huge difference in my skin.

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We LOVE white truffle foundation for hair!
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The latest product we’re loving this week is Farouk: Royal Treatment- White Truffle Foundation by CHI. It is a touch- up treatment with white truffle and pearl complex developed for all hair types and skin types. This balm provides hair with moisture and shine without buildup or added weight, ideal for reducing the appearance of frizz or split ends. It’s in an easy to carry compact and it smells amazing. This is our favorite product of the week. We only have a few left at the spa. So stop by at the spa and get one before it’s gone.

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